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Aston Hills is an exciting new Mount Barker address masterplanned to be rich in community, activity, family and friendship. As it grows into a modern and vibrant neighbourhood, Aston Hills will provide a unique living environment where cosmopolitan services, rolling hills and naturally beautiful open spaces are at your doorstep.


With a brand new Village Centre and school at the heart of Aston Hills, shops, services and cafes will all be within walking distance of your brand new home.  At Lanser we have a passion and a vision for creating places with a strong sense of community, places that cater for modern lifestyles, and where your most important investment is protected. We have designed Aston Hills with plenty of positivity, vision and creative energy and we hope that these same passions are shared by everyone who calls Aston Hills home.”


Because it takes a village…

Walkable conveniences are fundamental to village living and sustainable urban design. Aston Hills will boast a bustling. Village Centre offering specialty shops, cafes and local services. All these conveniences will be located within walking distance from each home at Aston Hills and the new local school.

If you’ve ever envisaged having more time to spend with your family, walking to your local coffee shop or turning the school run into a stroll, then Aston Hills is the place for you.

Excellence in education

At the heart of Aston Hills, adjacent to the Village Centre, will be a brand new Lutheran school. Located at the corner of Paech and Sims Roads, this new campus will be built on 12.5 hectares of land and will be within walking distance to all housing at Aston Hills.

In addition to this new local school, Mount Barker is a hub of excellence in the area of childcare, schooling and adult education. With seven schools, a TAFE campus and several kindergartens and pre-schools in the local vicinity, Aston Hills is perfectly placed to give you access to some of South Australia’s most acclaimed education facilities:

The little things in life matter…

Little things like fast internet connections matter. That’s why Aston Hills is NBN approved. This means we’re connected to Australia’s first national communications network, bringing high speed broadband and telephone services to each home at Aston Hills. The NBN makes working from home easier, enhances children’s learning and offers you a broad range of entertainment choices including internet connected video-on-demand services and high-quality video calling.

We’ve also made reticulated LPG Gas available to make heating, cooking and hot water easier and more convenient at Aston Hills. This means gas will be connected directly to your home.

Also at Aston Hills there is no need for a septic tank – each home is connected to the mains sewer. This minimises both maintenance and building costs associated with septic tanks, and gives you more freedom when siting your home and planning your garden.

By living at Aston Hills, healthy inspiration will never be far from home.

With extensive activity trails and plenty of landscaped reserves, our community has been masterplanned to nuture healthy lifestyles and encourage connectivity amongst neighbours. Fresh air, friends and the seasonal beauty of Mount Barker are all the motivation you’ll need to keep fit and healthy at Aston Hills.

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